HackED is a 24 hour interdisciplinary hackathon to challenge undergraduate students to create an innovate solutions to problems in every-day life.

What is a hackathon?

A hackathon is a competition with intense collaboration, great ideas and an amazing atmosphere. The hackathon gives you the chance to improve your skills and build your dreams.

What can I hack?

HackED is a hackathon to build solutions to your everyday problems. You can build anything you want as long as it’s original and you start from scratch! HackED is a hackathon for you, make the most of it!

Interested, but not convinced?

HackED is a great experience for students of all experience levels. It is strongly encouraged that all interested students participate. If you aren’t convinced that this hackathon is for you, click here to see some previous hacks.

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1st Place!

The winners of HackED are able to choose from a diverse list of prizes including bluetooth speakers, gaming headsets, arc mouse, raspberry pi's and more. The winners were also given tickets to the upcoming Student DevCon. All participants were also given membership to Start-Up Edmonton.

2nd Place!

3rd Place!

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:


All current high school, undergraduate and graduate students are welcome to participate.
Teams of 3 are recommended though we will allow individuals or teams of up to 5. Prizes are awarded assuming teams of 3, no additional prizes will be awarded to larger teams.


Entries must be projects begun during the Hackathon.

All code must be hosted on a public GitHub repo or your project will be ineligible to win. Your code must be licensed so as to allow viewing of the source. Make sure your GitHub repo is linked with your submission on Devpost!

You are encouraged to include as much information about your project as possible on your submission page. The more information there is, the easier it is for others to understand your project's true capabilities.



Marek Reformat

Marek Reformat
Professor at the University of Alberta

Kelly John Rose

Kelly John Rose
CEO at Panda Rose

Donald Fenniak

Donald Fenniak
Software Developer at Jobber

Judging Criteria

  • TBA